POZ Focus - Healthy Living With HIV

POZ Focus - Healthy Living With HIV

This issue is dedicated to improving overall wellness, including managing weight gain and mental health.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Living With HIV

Three long-term survivors share their wellness journeys.

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Protecting Your Mental Health

Advice from long-term survivors on learning to live with HIV.

Doctor talking to the patient about menopause and treatment in future.

Interacting With Your Doctor

Long-term survivors say communication, collaboration and trust are vital.

Taking Care of Your Whole Body

Life After Liver Disease

Managing HIV and fatty liver through a better diet and more exercise.

Ask Your Doctor

Talk to your health care provider about how best to manage your HIV treatment and maintain your overall health while living with HIV.

What Are the Health Consequences of Weight Gain?

Excess weight contributes to a wide range of health problems ranging from cardiovascular disease to COVID-19.

Weight, Nutrition & Exercise

John Grauwiler

Fit at 50

Gaining weight at midlife isn’t inevitable.

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Managing Weight Gain

Losing weight can be a challenge, but a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep can help.

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Ask Your Doctor About Weight Gain

Your health care team can advise you about how to manage weight and improve overall health and fitness.

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