POZ January-February 2017

POZ January-February 2017

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Southern Exposure

Structural, social and health barriers are challenging the Black gay and bisexual men at the center of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the South.

PrEP: A Dream Deferred

The much-celebrated HIV prevention pill is failing to reach those at highest risk for the virus: Black men who have sex with men.

2017 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

Annual awareness days help to educate the public in general and specific groups in particular about HIV/AIDS.

From The Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

We Shall Overcome

The fight against the virus has always been a struggle. This election did not change that fundamental truth.


Policy Power

A longtime national AIDS advocate reflects on what the HIV community can expect from DC postelection.

POZ Planet

Stories of Courage

Carol D. Marsh ran a residence for homeless women with AIDS. Then she wrote a memoir about it.

He Will Rock You

In a new Freddie Mercury biography, the Queen front man shares the spotlight with the AIDS epidemic.

And Now a Few Words From Miss Universe….

Reigning Miss Universe takes to Instagram to address her critics.

U.S. Endorses Harm Reduction

U.S. surgeon general shows support for harm reduction efforts.

PosterVirus Returns!

Check out the artists who created these posters to raise HIV awareness and spark difficult conversations.


Keep Fighting

In a post titled “Fighting My Way Up,” POZ blogger Aundaray Guess reflects on his struggles with adherence to his HIV medications.

River Angel

In an opinion piece, psychotherapist Julie List recalls her first client with AIDS before effective treatment.


Election 2016

In the face of adversity, the HIV community remains hopeful.

POZ Survey Says

Long-Term Survival

Today, the majority of people living with HIV in the United States are over 50 years old.

Research Notes

Prevention: New PrEP Trial

New trial compares Descovy to Truvada.

Treatment: Viral Blips

People on antiretrovirals who have a fully suppressed virus but who experience viral blips are not at risk of failing their treatment.

Cure: British Blunder

British press publishes false information about HIV cure.

Concerns: Senior Complications

Research shows a higher risk of chronic conditions for seniors living with HIV.

Care And Treatment

Monkeys See Viral Remission

An experimental antibody treatment has led a group of monkeys infected with HIV’s simian cousin into an extended period of viral remission.

Is Defective HIV DNA Still a Problem?

Research shows that HIV-positive people may still have defective HIV DNA in their cells.

Smoking Drives Heart Attacks

HIV-positive individuals studied for research on smoking and high blood pressure.

Children May Hold Secrets to a Cure

Study shows that some HIV-positive African children are not on treatment, but are still living with near-normal immune systems.


A Larger Narrative

Kenyon Farrow is the global health policy director at Treatment Action Group (TAG).


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