POZ July-August 2011

POZ July-August 2011

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Sisters Act

Of the 50 states, New Jersey has the highest proportion-one out of three-of people living with HIV/AIDS who are women.

The Anal Dialogues

Rectal microbicides-topical gels, ointments and lubricants laced with drugs to block HIV-could help stop the spread of the virus. So why...

From the Editor

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Years ago, when I went to my first HIV doctor’s appointment, he reviewed a list of specific sexual activities in an effort to ascertain...



Carlton Rounds

Volunteer Mission

Carlton Rounds, the founder of Volunteer Positive, empowers people with HIV/AIDS to serve abroad

What You Need to Know

Regan Hofmann and Larry Kramer

Kramer Makes Hearts Pound on Broadway

The Normal Heart, a semiautobiographical play by Larry Kramer, made its Broadway debut in April 2011.

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Nearly 7 Out of 10 Young People Are Having Sex

The latest National Survey of Family Growth-an ongoing federal survey of U.S. sexual behavior-made headlines.

Film About Positive Kids Prevents HIV in Thailand

North of Bangkok, Baan Gerda is the only facility in Thailand that fosters and cares for children living with HIV.

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HIV Wasn’t a Motive for Triple Ax Murder

Joseph Ntshongwana, a 33-year-old retired pro rugby player in South Africa, made headlines for allegedly murdering three men with an ax.

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Angels Travel on Horseback in Southern Africa

In Lesotho, a Southern African country the size of Maryland, health workers on horseback are transporting blood tests, drugs and medical suppl...

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Showcasing HIV Stigma in China

Gu Changwei’s new film ’Til Death Do Us Part, explores how HIV/AIDS affects a rural Chinese village.

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HIV Is (Officially) a Disability

New regulations from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission clarify that impairments of major bodily functions.

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96 Percent

A National Institutes of Health study has confirmed that taking antiretroviral 
drugs and maintaining an undetectable viral load reduces...

We Hear You

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Lips Unsealed

Given the stigma and discrimination often faced by HIV-positive people, disclosing your positive status can be daunting. In her POZ Blog entry...

What Matters to You

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How to Age With HIV—Gracefully

You can keep dancing, even with the virus as a partner.

Treatment News

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Help for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy (PN), nerve damage that affects many HIV-positive people, often causes a throbbing, burning pain.

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HIV-Positive? Get Screened for Anal Cancer

All positive people can-and should-be screened for anal cancer, says a recent VA study.

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Isolation Hurts Health

The University of California at Los Angeles Center for Health Policy Research found that on the whole, older (age 50 to 70) gay people...

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New and Improved Treatment for Hep C

In the mid-1990s, protease inhibitors and combo therapy revolutionized HIV treatment, making it more effective and easier to take.

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MRSA Monster Tamed

Remember the deadly “superbug”-multidrug resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA-that haunted people with HIV (and got mass media attention)...

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Too Little Vitamin D Might Hurt Your Heart

Researchers at the University of California at San Francisco found that more than half the HIV-positive people they tested had low levels...

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Cure Watch

Comfort Zone

POZ Magazine

Between the Covers

Opening the cover of a book can immediately transport you into another realm. 

POZ Heroes

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Each One, Reach One

Barbara Joseph contracted HIV in 1984 when she was given blood during surgery. 


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