POZ July/August 2024

POZ July/August 2024

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Alicia Diggs

Heart of the Matter

People living with HIV are crucial to clinical trials related to the virus.

pills bottle question mark

Giving it a Try: A Guide to Clinical Trials

Studies of new treatments, prevention tools, comorbidity management and cure strategies for people living with or at risk for HIV.

POZ 2024 HIV Drug Chart

2024 HIV Drug Chart

This quick-reference chart compares antiretroviral (ARV) options for the treatment of HIV, including adult dosing and dietary restrictions.

Editor’s Letter

gold heart

Heart of Gold

This special issue, which highlights the latest in HIV treatment, takes a closer look at clinical trials.


Left to right: Adam Castillejo, Marc Franke and Paul Edmonds

Sharing the Hope

Paul Edmonds is one of a handful of people cured of HIV and cancer after a special kind of stem cell transplant.

POZ Planet

Rosie Perez (left) and Arthur Fogel

A New Home for Lifebeat

The program is now part of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

illustration of a pool

HIV Cannot Spread in Pools

Online comments in Texas shared misinformation.

hands holding iphone smart phone touching screen

Grindr Allegedly Shared HIV Status

The gay dating app company was sued in London.

Vampire Facial

Cosmetic Injection Transmits HIV

Cases linked to a New Mexico spa mark the first documented instances.

illlustration tiny man pulling giant hiv virus

Long COVID Data Easier to Access

Deidentified data on thousands of adults are now available.

illustration virus and liver

Viral Hepatitis Deaths Are Increasing

Worldwide, hepatitis B and C claim 3,500 lives each day.

Ian Bicko

The Best Medicine

Finding out I had HIV forced me to look at myself in the mirror and make real changes.


Everyday – July/Augsut 2024

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV and AIDS.


hourglass on the beach at waters edge

Memory Lane

In an opinion piece, NMAC’s new deputy director of programs looks back on his HIV advocacy and urges for renewed efforts in 2024.

illustration figures attached by strings connections social network

Syndemic Approaches

In a post, POZ blogger and social justice advocate Matthew Rose underscores that multiple challenges lie ahead. Below is an edited excerpt.


Members of AIDS Walk team  Caribbean Equality Project

AIDS Walk New York

The 2024 AIDS Walk took place as the city is poised to cut $5.3 million in spending on HIV education and outreach programs.

Nutrition & Fitness

Chocolate Tahini Bars

Chocolate Tahini Bars

These treats are incredibly easy to throw together.

illustration of lemon sclice

Add Lemon to Your Water

Lemons are a natural diuretic and can flush out bacteria and toxins


illustration images of lungs and hands virus

HIV and Your Lungs

Smoking cessation, exercise and vaccines can help keep your lungs healthy.

Care & Treatment

blue capsules

More PrEP Leads to Fewer HIV Diagnoses

While PrEP uptake has been high among urban white gay and bisexual men, coverage is lagging for women and Black and Latino gay men.

Layout featuring colorized 3D prints of HIV virus particles (pink with teal surface proteins) and a background image that is a colorized transmission electron micrograph of HIV virus particles (pink) budding and replicating from an H9 T cell (purple). Mic

HIV Reservoirs and Viral Rebound

HIV inserts its genetic blueprints into the DNA of human cells and establishes a long-lasting reservoir that antiretrovirals can’t reach.

illustration of torso and liver

Treatment for Fatty Liver Disease

The prevalence of fatty liver disease among people with HIV appears to be somewhat higher than that of the population at large.

elderly man sitting leaning on his cane

Older People With HIV Have Unmet Needs

Today, more than half of HIV-positive people in the United States are ages 50 or older.

Research Notes

hour glass and calendar

Prevention: Ultra-Long-Acting PrEP

The ultra-long-acting formulation could be administered three times a year.

lit match on a black background

Treatment: Delayed Treatment

These findings emphasize the importance of prompt diagnosis and early treatment.

illustration dna hand and tweezers adding a piece of DNA

Cure: CRISPR Disappoints

A Phase 1 study enrolled people on antiretroviral therapy with an undetectable viral load.

older black man sleeping in bed

Concerns: Inadequate Sleep

Findings suggest that getting enough sleep may be particularly important for people living with HIV.


Consequential Scientist

Alison Rodger’s research proved that Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U).

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POZ July/August 2024

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