POZ June 2011

POZ June 2011

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Timothy Ray Brown

Patient No More

Timothy Brown—a.k.a. “the Berlin Patient”—is the Man Who Once Had HIV.

31 at 30

Thirty-one Long-term Survivors on Thirty Years of AIDS

From the Editor

POZ Magazine

Alive and Kicking

I was diagnosed with HIV in 1996, the official midpoint for the epidemic to date. 


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Letters- June 2011

Leydorf might make note that Obama’s 700-mile-per-hour spending has put our national economy and stability of the dollar at great risk.


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Frontline Physician

The doctor who diagnosed the first AIDS cases reflects on 30 years of the epidemic.

What You Need to Know

POZ Magazine

Discrimination Can’t Hide From Hidden Cameras

As part of its “ethical dilemma” show What Would You Do?, ABC set out to find how much has changed in the 30 years since the first reported AI...

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Bono to Obama: No Babies With HIV

Every day more than a 1,000 babies are born with HIV worldwide; more than half won’t live till their second birthday.

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No ARV in Whoonga

Reports that a South African drug called whoonga contains antiretroviral (ARV) medications are wrong. 

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700,000 Stolen Condoms Recovered

In February, Malaysian police reported the theft of 700,000 ultrathin condoms en route to Japan. 

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LGBT People Are Greater Than AIDS, Too

Logo, an MTV Networks basic cable channel for LGBT people and their allies, has partnered with Greater Than AIDS, a national HIV education ini...

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HIV Testing Hits High School

The 80-person senior class of San Francisco’s private Urban High School is getting tested for HIV.

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AIDS Book Banned in Tennessee

A Tennessee school board changed its library policy.

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HIV Goes to Sundance

In the early 1970s, gay men and lesbians flocked to San Francisco to find acceptance. 

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Lady Gaga Wants $50M

To date, the MAC AIDS Fund has raised more than $200 million through sales of its Viva Glam lipsticks and lipglasses.

We Hear You

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Alternative View

In his POZ Blog entry “Alice Down the Rabbit Hole” (February 12), Mike Barr shared how he uses alternative medicine to help manage his HIV.

What Matters to You

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Shelter From The Storm

For people with HIV, housing can mean the difference between health and sickness.

Treatment News

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HIV Meds Played Out? Deal Again.

If you have lived with HIV for a long time and have exhausted various med combos in the past, there are still options.

lubricant in tube

The Latest on Lubes and Gel

A vaginal gel may also work as a form of HIV prevention for anal sex. 

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Med Breaks-Broken

Many studies have shown that taking a break from your HIV meds can harm your health. 

POZ Magazine

Dousing the Flames

You know how bad you feel when you’re getting a cold? Achy, feverish, tired...just plain lousy.

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Therapeutic Vaccines

Cure Watch

POZ Magazine

Point, Shoot, Reveal

Living with HIV involves more than taking meds

POZ Magazine

GMHC Treatment Issues June 2011

Covalent vaccination and catalytic antibodies: A new way of looking at an HIV vaccine.

Comfort Zone

POZ Magazine

Bubbles, Bath and Beyond

First, set the mood by lighting some candles. Grab still-warm towels from the dryer. Place an inflatable bath pillow, a crossword puzzle...

POZ Heroes

Actress ELIZABETH TAYLOR at a charity event in West Hollywood where she was presented with the Angel Award by Project Angel Food.

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

Dame Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered for many things.


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