POZ June 2014

POZ June 2014

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POZ at 20

Twenty survivors share their stories

From the Editor

Oriol Gutierrez

Alive and Kicking

POZ magazine was a vital part of my learning to live with the virus. 


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Letters-June 2014

“Empowering Entrepreneurs” (March 2014) featured the work and the women of Common Threads. The small-group training session designed to...


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Survival by Design

The first POZ cover guy reflects on the aftermath of his revealing 1994 interview and his life today.

POZ Planet

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Meet the New AIDS Poster Child

The imagery in the poster refers to the developing canon of both AIDS art and the history of AIDS activism—and to what gets left out of...

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POZ Stories: Byanca Parker

When Byanca Parker was told she was living with HIV, she reacted like most anyone would. “It was scary and confusing,” she recalls.

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What’s the Diagnosis?

AIDS doc’s memoir takes the pulse of our health care system.

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The State of Louisiana

When low-income HIV-positive people in Louisiana tried to use their Ryan White funds to purchase health care, Blue Cross Blue Shield and two o...

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I Have Something to Tell You

Adrain Chesser discloses his AIDS diagnosis—and photographs the reactions.

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Say What? Egyptian Army Edition

Speaking at a press conference, Major General Ibrahim Abdel-Atti, head of the Cancer Treatment and Screening center, explained that he had a m...

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Preppy Style

HIV prevention gets a controversial fashion makeover.

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Law & Order

Advocates from across the country are uniting to take a bite out of HIV criminalization laws.

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Positive Leadership

The HIV community gave a collective cheer when President Obama announced that the new director of the White House Office of National AIDS Poli...


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The New War

HIV-related stigma is worse than ever. Not the external kind, where a society is panicked about the new plague.

Care and Treatment

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Seeing the Doctor Is Vital When CD4s Are Low

Keeping medical appointments is particularly crucial for HIV-positive people on antiretrovirals who have a low CD4 count.

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HIV Rates in Black MSM Linked to STIs and Economics

The vastly disproportionate rates of HIV among African-American men who have sex with men are linked to unemployment, lower socioeconomic stat...

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Inflammatory Marker Linked to Raised Risk of Death

Certain “markers” of inflammation in the body are linked to an earlier death among people with HIV,

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Big Pharma Plotted to Prop Up South African Drug Patents

A leaked email shows that the Innovative Pharmaceuticals Association of South Africa  colluded with the U.S.-based pharmaceutical industr...

Half-baked Headlines Claim that Pot Stops HIV

Research that showed that an ingredient in pot alters the disease progression of SIV in the guts of monkeys led to inaccurate reporting.

Research Notes

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Prevention: Genetically Tooled Antibodies Fight HIV

Engineering immune cells to produce what are known as broadly neutralizing antibodies protects against HIV infection in mice that have immune...

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Treatment: Benefit of Counseling With Computers

A computerized counseling program for people with HIV improves treatment adherence and reduces viral load and risky sexual behavior.

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Cure: Memory Stem Cells: Reservoir Backbone?

Long-living, HIV-infected immune cells that have stem-cell-like properties appear to be a bedrock of the viral reservoir that prevents antiret...

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Concerns: Youths With HIV Enter Care Late

Teens and young adults with HIV often delay entering medical care for the virus until late in the course of their disease.

POZ Survey Says

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Have You Been Tested?

It’s important to get tested for the hepatitis C virus and get connected to care. 

POZ Heroes

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Flesh and Blood

So many of our former cover guys and gals have passed away, as well as many more from within our covers.


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