POZ June 2016

POZ June 2016

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A Tale of Two Cities: Ending the Epidemic in New York City and San Francisco

New York City and San Francisco want to end their HIV epidemics.

Anthony Basco

Positive on PrEP: Meet Three Guys Who Seroconverted While on PrEP

Meet three guys who got HIV after starting Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis. How does this happen, and how are they doing today?

From the Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Takin’ It to the Streets

Our cover story takes an in-depth look at the strategies San Francisco and New York City is implementing to fight HIV/AIDS.


Letters-June 2016

Feedback on the individual who serocoverted while on PrEP and the film The Brothers Grimsby, in which Donald Trump contracts HIV.


Sean Coleman

Being Better: Destination Tomorrow Provides Service for the LGBT Community in the Bronx

Destination Tomorrow, a grassroots agency in the South Bronx, provides services for the local LGBT community.

POZ Planet

"Expose the Truth" ad

Impulse Control

Young gay men in Florida and across the globe get the urge to fight HIV.

Surveying the Needs of Women With HIV

A survey of 180 HIV-positive women spells out the challenges and needs of this population in the rapidly changing health care landscape.

large capsule covered in Stars and Stripes

America Addresses Its Opioid Addiction

Rising abuse of heroin and prescription opioids has led to outbreaks of HIV and hepatitis C.

Transgender Concerns in Health Care and Law

The Positively Trans project at the Transgender Law Center launched an online poll to assess the experiences of trans people with HIV.

Breakfast of HIV Champions

Greg Louganis is honored on a box of Wheaties.

Mapping Out Early AIDS in the U.S.

A team of researchers looked at blood samples taken from gay and bisexual men in 1978 and 1979 to determine when HIV took hold in the U.S.

Care and Treatment

FDA OKs Odefsey, New Take on Complera

The FDA has approved the single-tablet antiretroviral regimen Odefsey, which includes a new, safer version of tenofovir.

How Safe Is Alcohol for People With HIV?

HIV-positive people may want to watch what they drink. The limit of how much alcohol is safe is lower for them.

Testing, Treatment and PrEP Could Slash HIV Cases

The CDC has projected that fully achieving the National HIV/AIDS Strategy goals could reduce new infections by 70 percent in five years.

U.S. Viral Suppression Rate Continues to Rise

A steadily increasing proportion of Americans living with HIV have a fully suppressed virus.

How Infectious Do You Think You Are?

People on HIV treatment tend to overestimate their chances of passing the virus to others.

Research Notes

Prevention: PrEP Failure

A Canadian man has become the first person to experience a documented case of presumed failure on Truvada as PrEP.

Treatment: 8-Week Dosing

HIV treatment taken only every two months is moving closer to reality.

Cure: Cloned Immune Cells

Yet another study has shown the extreme complexity of the viral reservoir, where HIV hides from ARV treatment, frustrating cure attempts.

Concerns: Lifetime Risk

POZ Survey Says

Freedom of Choice

POZ recently asked you about your choices when it comes to your HIV treatment. Here are your responses.

POZ Heroes

HIV Here and Now

Michael Broder has been publishing one poem every day in a countdown to the 35-year anniversary of the first report of AIDS.


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