POZ May 2009

POZ May 2009

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Sean Strub

Mission Impozsible

In honor of our 15th anniversary, we caught up with POZ’s founder, Sean Strub, as he looks back at the magazine’s origin—and ahead to his...

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Infected & Affected

Portraits of a Community Combating Stigma

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Highlights of some of the juiciest subjects we’ve written about (with a little help from you) over the past 15 years.  

POZ at 15

A look back at some of the defining moments in the magazine’s illustrious (and sometimes notorious) history.

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Viral Vernacular

Since the days when we didn’t have a vocabulary for discussing AIDS, POZ has advocated for a gentle turn of phrase for the virus and those..

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POZ & Effect

Our deputy editor checks in with several people who were featured in POZ. They share how their public disclosure on the pages of the magazine...

Your Brighter Future Starts Here

With a new president, renewed civic engagement and talk of meaningful health care reform, we’re ready to once again dream big.


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The Wish of All Wishes

When POZ was born in 1994, we were attending more funerals than birthdays for HIV-positive people.

POZ Magazine

Imagine a Brighter Future

A year ago, POZ launched a 10-year Partnership with the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA).

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Editor’s Letter-May 2009

The Power of POZ

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Your Feedback-May 2009

For our 15th anniversary, we decided to dip into our mailbox to share what our readers have said about the role POZ plays in their lives.


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