POZ November 2009

POZ November 2009

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Who Wants to Be an AIDS Advocate?

The moment is ripe for us to collectively change our futures—but to do so, we must add our voices to the national discussion. 

Michael Emanuel Rajner

Let’s Get Ready to Rally!

Your willingness to speak up or take action as an advocate could vastly influence your life—and those of millions of people with HIV...


when pigs fly pig flies

When Pigs Fly

That’s when you should waste time panicking over swine flu. Here’s what you need to know about HIV and H1N1.

Captiol building with fire works

Rally On

How to be an amazing AIDS advocate

POZ Magazine

Just the Facts, Ma’am

At long last, women get some answers on whether HIV affects them differently than men. 

POZ Magazine

Breath of Life?

An experimental device promises to help you take your HIV meds—and maybe even monitor their levels.

POZ Magazine

Staying Alive

Cancer survival rates keep climbing for HIV-positive people. Here’s news about two cancers more prevalent among people living with the...

POZ Magazine

Medicine Chest

HIV Drug News

POZ Magazine

Need a Doctor? Call a Nurse.

Nurses rival doctors at keeping HIV-positive patients healthy. That’s what a South African study concluded after nearly two years of observati...

POZ Magazine


Every week, it seems, brings new evidence linking vitamin D to health.

POZ Magazine

Dollar Days

POZ gives you the scoop on what to put in your cart—and what to throw back—at the 99 cents store.

POZ Magazine

Booty Boost

Help (and padding) for derrieres diminished by fat loss


Take Home Testing

Rapid at-home HIV testing is inching closer to reality. Is that a good thing?

POZ Magazine

Inglourious Adsters?

A German HIV prevention campaign starring Adolf Hitler ignites controversy.

POZ Magazine

Show Us the Money

Four generous groups reached deep into their pockets to combat HIV/AIDS. 

POZ Magazine

Acting Up

ACT UP chapters reemerge to combat AIDS apathy and service disparities.

POZ Magazine

The Defense Rests

Great HIV/AIDS news on the legal front

POZ Magazine

Healthy Debate

Shawn Decker visits a town hall on health care reform.


POZ Magazine

Editor’s Letter-November 2009

Smells Like Team Spirit

POZ Magazine

The Power of ’U’

In 1985, while becoming a licensed practical nurse, Vanessa Mills cared for people living with HIV/AIDS.


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