POZ October-November 1994

POZ October-November 1994

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Mary Fisher

Proud Mary

Mary Fisher talks about her life, her political party, her kids and what it means to be the planet’s most famous mommy with AIDS.

Inside the Issue

Healthcare and money -

AIDS and Health Scare Reform

Larry Day’s death certificate says he died from a barrage of AIDS-related infections that finally wore out his weakened body.

Boy George

Oh Boy!

Boy George on AIDS and pop music’s incessant homophobia

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HMOs Will Kill Us All

Managed care is not the answer for people battling AIDS

Sean Strub


“We market to well people, not sick people”

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When is enough enough?

POZ Magazine

Rising Sun?

Mixed signals from Yokohama’s International AIDS Conference

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Chinese Medicine Takes Root

This is a story about two mutually hostile philosophies forced against their wills to collaborate to everyone’s benefit.

POZ Magazine

Savage Grace

HIV, while slowly ravaging the body, gently nudges the spirit to life.

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Sister Act

Washington, D.C. kids find safe haven at Grandma’s House

POZ Magazine

Does Reality Bite?

Casey Davidson (and her boyfriend) take the female condom out for a test drive.

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A Dance Story

Capturing the Joffrey’s Eddie Stierle in mid-flight

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Philadelphia, the Prequel?

How Forrest Gump became an AIDS movie

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Another Patsy, Bill?

Patsy Fleming, a special assistant to Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, appointed interim National AIDS Policy Coordinator

POZ Magazine

Swing Shift

Actor Henry Menendez takes a bow

AIDS: American as Apple Pie

The San Francisco Giants step up to the plate.

POZ Magazine

Whose Advocate?

Sex survey raises alarm but not consciousness

POZ Magazine

TAG, ACT UP in Hot Fax War

Which is more important: quick access to a reasonably safe drug or knowing just how well an expensive drug works?

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Alice’s Wonderland

Tulsa’s Rainbow Village shines under Alice Wilder Bates

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AIDS Law: Overruled

Tenth Circuit overturns HIV disclosure case

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POZ VCR: More Proof

Acclaimed documentary now available on video

POZ Magazine

AIDS Zen: Party

New Year’s Eve -- the torture chamber of hope.

POZ Magazine

House Call

Congress’ Attending Physicians Office plays the game

POZ Magazine

Tea Time

Kambucha mushrooms have Californians brewing

POZ Magazine

Sex: In Search Of

Where, oh where, can sex be found in the 90s?

POZ Magazine

Life: Do Good Intentions Kill?

Starting now, PWAs must speak and fight for themselves

POZ Magazine

Health: Everybody Means Everybody

Health care reform debate not over for people with AIDS

POZ Magazine

Alternative Health: What About Us?

Managed care is the enemy, folks. Organize.

POZ Magazine

Media: Blow Hards

Surprise! Safer sex heads summer AIDS journalism from Out to The Nation

POZ Magazine

POZ Insider

Who’s moving and what’s shaking in treatment activism

POZ Magazine

Checking In: Love Matters

Aileen Getty has redefined herself by her accomplishments against the epidemic.

POZ Magazine

People Like Them: Sign o’ the Pines

Does how we play tell us how we live?


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