POZ October-November 2014

POZ October-November 2014

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PrEP and Prejudice

Can personal choice and public health find common ground in pre-exposure prophylaxis?

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Remembering AIDS 2014

An analysis of the themes at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

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HIV is Not A Crime

The aftermath of HIV criminalization advocacy in Iowa.

From the Editor

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Die Another Day

At a personal level and with proper adherence, PrEP is highly effective at preventing HIV.


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Letters-October/November 2014

I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2005 and was treated early and aggressively. I stayed on my HIV meds and have been cancer-free since.


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All in the Familia

Bienestar marks 25 years of serving the HIV/AIDS and other health needs of Latinos in Southern California.

POZ Planet

POZ Magazine

Fighting Stigma

With cameras rolling, William Brawner discloses his HIV status.

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The Fundraiser Formerly Known as AIDS Walk

After 27 years, AIDS Walk Washington is now renamed The Walk to End HIV.

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End Times Are Coming?

Thirty years ago, New York was the epicenter of the AIDS crisis--today I am proud to announce that we are in a position to be the first state...

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Now That’s One Way to Disclose

Morgan Molthrop had “HIV Positive / Bipolar / Recovering Addict” tattooed on his chest as a way to disclose all three conditions.

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Documenting a Son’s Suicide

Do stigma and shame kill? That tragic idea is explored in the documentary Broken Heart Land.

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Take a Tip From This HIV-Positive Former Smoker

Smoking and HIV don’t mix. 

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New Mexico Mysteries

Southwest CARE Center serves Santa Fe, Roswell and more. 

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POZ Stories: Theresa Kenney

Today, Kenney marks a 10-year relationship with a man who is HIV negative, and she is the very proud grandmother of three. 


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Stranger than Fiction

Journalist and author David M. Hancock apologizes in his opinion piece titled “True Story.” 

Care and Treatment

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Are Cigarettes Sending the Immune System Up in Smoke?

Smoking cigarettes appears to harm the immune systems of people with HIV who are on treatment for the virus and have a fully suppressed viral...

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Pharma Giants Team Up for New Single-Tablet HIV Regimen

Janssen R&D Ireland and ViiV Healthcare are joining forces to develop a new two-drug, single-tablet regimen to treat HIV.

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Cancer Treatment Eludes People With HIV

HIV-positive people are apparently less likely to receive treatment for cancer when compared with those who do not have the virus.

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Portrait of a Slowing Epidemic

A new UNAIDS report found significant drops in the rate of new global HIV cases as well as AIDS-related deaths in recent years.

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Perfect Efficacy for Gays Who Adhered to PrEP; Most Didn’t

Men and transgender women who have sex with men and who took Truvada as PrEP in a recent trial were totally protected against HIV if they adhe...

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Success for Sovaldi in Those Coinfected With Hep C and HIV

Gilead Sciences’ Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) and ribavirin cured high rates of people coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Research Notes

POZ Magazine

Prevention: Transmitting While on Meds?

While the chance is slim, HIV-positive heterosexuals who have been taking antiretrovirals (ARVs) longer than six months and who are in regular...

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Treatment: Hold That Switcheroo

You may be better off staying the course than switching your HIV meds, provided you have little or no drug resistance.

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Cure: Infant Treatment Shrinks Reservoir

Treating HIV-positive infants with an aggressive regimen of antiretrovirals (ARVs) shortly after birth can greatly reduce the establishment of...

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Concerns: Virus Returns in

The famed “Mississippi Baby,” thought to be functionally cured of HIV, has experienced a resurgence of the virus.

POZ Survey Says

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PrEP Talk

We asked readers to weigh in on their thoughts about the use of Truvada as a way for HIV-negative people to reduce their risk of infection.

POZ Heroes

Traveling Man

On July 29, 2014, after living more than two decades with HIV, Nello Carlini celebrated his 90th birthday.


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