POZ September 2012

POZ September 2012

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Healing the Hurt

A recent epidemic of attacks on women, transgender women and people with HIV exposes a link as toxic as the virus itself: Trauma not only fuel...

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Hot on the Trail

AIDS activists are experts at bird-dogging, following political candidates and peppering them with questions about their positions on HIV...

From the Editor

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The Not-So-Weaker Sex

The relationship between trauma and HIV is well established.


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Letters- September 2012

“A big thank you to all of you for the courage to tell your story and to make a positive outcome of it.”


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The Accidental Historian

Jim Hubbard speaks about his new documentary United in Anger: A History of ACT UP.

What You Need to Know

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Not So Sacred Bonds of Marriage

Many young women dream about walking down the aisle at their wedding—they imagine the floral arrangements, the dress, the venue.

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Mo Money, Mo Health

Typically, bribery is a form of persuasion used by people outside the law. But recently, the tactic was employed by researchers at the Massach...

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Easing the Pain of Adult Male Circumcision?

Despite its many challenges, voluntary adult male circumcision has become a successful and well-documented tool of HIV prevention in the devel...

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Fifty Shades of HIV?

The highly erotic Fifty Shades trilogy explores the relationship between wealthy businessman Christian Grey and his young lover Anastasia Stee...

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Digital Disease Detector

Allergy, cold and flu seasons are upon us, and an innovative way to stay healthy is to use Sickweather.

We Hear You

There’s No Place Like Home

On July 3, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first in-home rapid HIV test.

POZ Survey Says

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Take Good Care

One out of every five Americans living with HIV don’t know their status, and for all who do, being diagnosed is merely the first step on...

What Matters to You

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Clarifying HIV Heart Disease Risk

Recent reports suggest that compared with their negative peers, people who have HIV also have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. 

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Overturning the Gay Blood Ban

Men who have had sex with men at any time since 1977 are banned from donating blood in the United States.

Treatment News

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Generic Drugs in the U.S.?

Antiretroviral HIV meds cost as much as $25,000 a year in the United States, but only hundreds of dollars in the developing world. 

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Is He or Isn’t He Cured? Real Answers to the Case of the Berlin Patient

The short answer: Yes, Timothy Brown, otherwise known as “the Berlin Patient,” remains cured of HIV. 

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More Safer Sex

Despite efforts to promote sex education and condom use, HIV rates are not declining. 

  Justice Gavel And Block On Judge's Bench

Common Sense Rules the Court

NY appeals court overturned conviction of an HIV-positive man for assaulting a police officer using “a dangerous weapon,” a.k.a. his saliv...

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GMHC Treatment Issues September 2012

Adenovirus-based vaccines against HIV: A look at how the immune system could be trained to combat HIV

Comfort Zone

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Making Cents of Health Insurance

In late June, the U.S. Supreme Court largely upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, which will require most Americans to pur...

POZ Heroes

Richard Holcomb

Midnight Cowboy

Richard Holcomb created Project Weber, a harm reduction outreach program for homeless male sex workers in Providence, Rhode Island.


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