POZ September 2013

POZ September 2013

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Older and Wiser

People who have lived with HIV/AIDS for 25 years or more are battle-scarred and full of survival savvy.

Mandating Mail-Order Pharmacies

People with HIV/AIDS increasingly face mixed-up meds, delayed deliveries, spoiled shipments and privacy concerns.

From the Editor

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Touch of Gray

When I was diagnosed with HIV in 1992 at the age of 22, I expected to die before 30. Gray hairs, and all that go with them, were things I neve...


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Letters-September 2013

In the essay “The Sound of Stigma,” Mark S. King reflects on why stigma persists among gay men.


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Committed to the Fight

As a longtime leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Paul Kawata wants to be here for the end of the epidemic.

POZ Planet

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Lost Worlds

Two gorgeous art books revisit a pre-AIDS Fire Island.

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We the LGBTHIV...

Gay groups pledge to fight the virus.

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Testing the Limits

A youth group gives HIV test results to teens in public.

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Say What-Dan Savage

Dan Savage, sex advice columnist and cofounder of the “It Gets Better” campaign, offers an opinion on PrEP and PEP.

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Check Them Out

These stories recount life in the presence of HIV.

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Try the Power of Bareback and Body

If you think you’ve been hearing the phrase bareback—slang for condomless anal sex—during TV commercial breaks, you’re not going c...

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Burden of Proof

San Francisco’s law enforcement agencies will no longer use possession of condoms as physical evidence when prosecuting sex workers

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Citizen Scientists

With the Kinsey Reporter app, you can document each time you partake in some hanky-panky or witness someone else getting frisky in public.


Light and Darkness

In this edited excerpt from Rae Lewis-Thornton’s blog post, she deals with HIV a bead at a time.

Care and Treatment

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GMHC Treatment Issues September 2013

Untangling the Intersection of HIV & Trauma: Why It Matters and What We Can Do

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Caring Docs Retain Patients

Clinicians who boast better interpersonal skills are more likely to keep their HIV patients retained in care.

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Breaking the Blood-Brain Barrier

Researchers have had early success with a method that might one day thwart the powerful blood-brain barrier and effectively deliver antiretrov...

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HIV Capsid Structure Defined

Scientists have identified the precise atomic structure of the HIV capsid, which is the container of genes the virus inserts into human immune...

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Found: Those Lost to Follow-up

New York City caseworkers successfully linked half of those who had been categorized as “lost to follow-up” between 2008 and 2010.

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Combo of Two HIV Drugs Can Control Hep B

The HIV antiretrovirals Viread (tenofovir) and Emtriva (emtricitabine), which are typically combined as Truvada, can suppress hepatitis B viru...

Research Notes

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Prevention: Repurposing Vaginal Gel for Rectal Use

A reformulated vaginal microbicide gel, originally designed to prevent HIV transmission in women, has proved safe and well-tolerated in HIV-ne...

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Treatment: Pot--the Next HIV Drug?

Synthetic anti-inflammatory compounds derived from cannabinoids, the primary active ingredient in marijuana, appear to show potential to fight...

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Cure: Misleading Reports Say Cure Is Near

Word shot through numerous news outlets around the globe.

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Concerns: Another Vaccine Trial Shuts Down

A major trial has closed down after the experimental vaccine failed both to prevent HIV transmission and to reduce viral load in those who con...

POZ Survey Says

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Ourselves, Growing Older

Let’s face it—we’re all growing older. But thanks to advances in treatment, people with HIV are living longer than ever.

POZ Heroes

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Musical Missionary

Reverend Charles Grindle works as the director of music and choir for two Unitarian Universalist churches in southern Maine. He’s also a poet,...


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