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Sangita Ma

This is for my wife, who is taking second line, is undetectable and has been pos for close to 25 years. Her adherence is pretty much perfect. Her routine is automatic & at night before she sleeps. Fortunately, she has not side effect which causes any notice. The only reason she is on 2nd line is due to a meds error by a doctor at the clinic (!!) where she has been a patient since 2005 or so, which spoiled her 1st line. Her CD-4 is typically about 1100. Her starting CD-4 was less than 20.

March 7, 2019 INDIA


I used to not be very compliant to my regimens.....a denial sort of thing I suppose. I also didn't like the side effects and so avoided them using denial as my excuse. But now, for 10 years, I am ultra compliant and it's working great. No side effects, nothing but good labs. Infected in 1983, diagnosed in 1991, I've been at this a long time.

January 30, 2019 Wisconsin

Patric Thomas

I'm a long term survivor, since 1983. It wasn't until 1992 I started on antiretroviral medication. The drugs have saved my life, but some have left me with lasting effects. Most notably, permanent peripheral neuropathy. I've now started newer meds that have fewer side effects. Are there any known treatments for my neurological disorder?

January 27, 2019 Tucson, Arizona


still very upset that there is no generic drugs for my tx of aids . been on atripla since 1998 . why do i need to go to india to get the generic . my father worked at roche and was involved in the manufacture of drugs . india doees not have the same quality control of manufacturing that usa has .

January 9, 2019 07052


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