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“13 Reasons Why” Ends on a “Potentially Traumatic” HIV Twist

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agree with thinkofthecost, I live in the province of B.C. the only province in Canada to fully implement TASP which means I have never paid anything for HIV meds, not only does this approach offer free meds, but a very active approach to searching out and bringing people into care, it's true that many people could not know there status until reaching full blown AIDS, this ending creates opportunity for change ACT UP, TASP is the process that results in U=U, at 0 cost U

June 23, 2020 Canada


It's not beyond belief that people who contract HIV could develop full blown AIDS and die in the USA because the cost of AIDS meds are way beyond affordable here. There are almost NO drugs available for $10.00 per month here vs. many nations in the world where that is a reality. #BreakThePatent - Reduce AIDS meds costs NOW! #ACTUP - Speak out and demand that big pharma play fair to the HIV+ US consumer - there is NO REASON that we should pay more than Europe does for the same drugs

June 11, 2020


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