POZ April/May 2024

POZ April/May 2024

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POZ 30 Years 30 graphic

Reflecting on 30 Years of POZ

A look back at three decades of HIV coverage

30 Leaders Look to the Future of HIV

As POZ marks 30 years of service, we reflect on what’s next.

Editor’s Letter

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The Best Is Yet to Come

As POZ commemorates 30 years of service, we take a look at where we’ve been and where the HIV community is going.


Kerry Thomas after being released from prison

Free and Grateful

Formerly incarcerated, Kerry Thomas takes on a new role at the Sero Project to fight HIV criminalization.

POZ Planet

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Man Dies After Alleged Denial of HIV Meds

Lawsuit claims he didn’t receive treatment for two months.

Frankie Franklin-Foxx

R.I.P. “Feisty Fighter” Frankie Franklin-Foxx

In 1988, she was a founding member of the Chicago Women’s AIDS Project.

Philadelphia Paul Revere statue

Fighting HIV Among Homeless People

A Boston program suppressed viral load and lowered new HIV cases.


Less Than 1% of ER Visits Include HIV Testing

Emergency rooms can offer access to HIV services.

Lashanda Salinas

Changing Laws and Changing Lives

Advocate Lashanda Salinas helped reform Tennessee’s HIV criminalization laws.

Ed Koch

Everyday – April/May 2024

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV and AIDS.


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Stay Strong

NMAC executive director acknowledges that efforts to reduce HIV funding were beat back in 2023 but cautions against complacency in 2024.

Care & Treatment

T-Cell immune cell

Early HIV Treatment Boosts Immune Recovery

While there was once uncertainty about when to start antiretrovirals, it is now well established that sooner is better.

running shoe

Exercise Reduces Belly and Liver Fat

Weight gain is a growing concern for HIV-positive people.

Doctor talking to patient

HIV Risk Factors Among Transgender Women

The findings come from the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance Among Transgender Women project, which surveyed more than 1,600 participants

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Changing Causes of Death Among People With HIV

One recent analysis looked at mortality trends among more than 189,000 adults in North America and Europe.



Human Papillomavirus

Some types of HPV can cause cervical, anal and other types of cancer.

Research Notes


Prevention: Lenacapavir PrEP

If found to be effective, lenacapavir could become the longest-acting PrEP option, administered just once every six months.

HIV Virus

Treatment: Dolutegravir Resistance

Dolutegravir is a recommended first-line option in U.S. treatment guidelines and one of the most widely used HIV medications worldwide.

Black mother holding her baby

Cure: Cure for Babies?

Findings from a study suggest that starting antiretrovirals within the first days of life may lead to sustained viral control.

Prescription Pill bottles

Concerns: Too Many Meds

Findings suggest that regular reviews can help ensure that older people are not taking meds that are unnecessary or inappropriate.

POZ Hero

Peter Oates

Englishman in New Jersey

Peter Oates began working as an AIDS nurse in 1994, the same year he tested positive for HIV.


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The Cost of Care

Take our survey about your health care coverage and costs.

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POZ April/May 2024

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