Here are the stories with the most comments this year:

1. Paris Hilton Says Most Gay Guys ’Probably Have AIDS’
Posted: September 20

2. Ron Paul Wants Higher Health Costs for People With AIDS
Posted: January 3

3. Federal Judge Upholds 50-Year Sentence for Iowa Man With HIV
Posted: April 13

4. Marijuana and its CD4 Receptors: A New HIV Treatment Strategy?
Posted: March 21

5. FDA Approves Truvada as PrEP
Posted: July 16

6. MSM Able to Use Home HIV Tests to Screen Sex Partners and Lower Risk
Posted: July 25

7. Engineering CD8 Cells to Kill HIV in Tissues
Posted: April 13

8. Behavioral Factors Don’t Explain Disproportionate HIV Epidemic Among Black MSM
Posted: July 26

9. Atripla, Sustiva Component Linked to Neuron Damage
Posted: September 28

10. New Studies Under Way of Sangamo’s Possible ’Functional Cure’ Gene Therapy
Posted: January 10

11. Tenofovir Increases Risk of Irreversible Kidney Disease
Posted: February 13

12. Pathway to a Cure: Cancer Drug Helps Purge HIV From Resting Cells
Posted: March 9

13. Vatican: Pope Wants Free Meds for People With HIV in Africa
Posted: June 25

14. A Piece of Me
Posted: April 12

15. FDA Approves In-Home, Do-It-Yourself Rapid HIV Test
Posted: July 3

16. Generic-Based Regimen in U.S. Could Save Nearly $1 Billion in First Year of Use
Posted: August 14

17. Orasure In-Home HIV Test Gets Unanimous Approval Recommendation
Posted: May 15

18. HIV Material Detected in Berlin Patient Samples Spurs Cure Questions, Confusion
Posted: June 12

19. Gene-Modified T Cells Persist for a Decade, Without Major Risks, in HIV Studies
Posted: May 3

20. Undetectable Viral Load? Not Necessarily in Semen
Posted: April 3

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