Hundreds of cyclists biked 275 miles from Boston to New York City for the annual Cycle for the Cause to raise funds to end HIV and AIDS.

Organized by New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (The Center), the three-day charity bike ride included more than 350 cyclists and crew and raised $2,078,612, the largest amount in the event’s history.

All donations support The Center’s HIV and AIDS services, including comprehensive HIV prevention and education as well as support programs for people living with HIV and their loved ones. The Cycle for the Cause community has raised more than $18 million since 1995.

“All of our efforts are for one purpose—and that is to end AIDS,” said executive director of The Center Glennda Testone at the event’s closing celebration on October 1. “Every year, we still have over 30,000 new transmissions [nationwide], and until we get that number down to zero, we will keep fighting, we will keep speaking, we will keep riding.”

Despite a rainy first day, bikers remained in good spirits as they made a dozen stops throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

Participants are encouraged to form teams of two or more to fundraise and travel together. Every year, Positive Pedalers, a group of riders living with HIV, ride with an orange flag to represent their positive status and inspire others living with HIV to live life to the fullest. This year, Team Eagle, organized by the iconic gay bar the Eagle in New York City, raised the most of any team: $250,000.

“Every single rider, every single crew member helped make this happen,” Testone said. “You all have done something incredible and magical.”

Enthusiastic crew members hosted fully stocked rest stops every 10 to 15 miles, providing food and snacks, water, pickle juice, anti-chafing butt butter and more to keep riders nourished, hydrated and happy. A specialty crew consisted of bike mechanics, medical professionals, masseurs and more. And on one of the days of the ride, participants wore red, creating a living red ribbon to honor those lost to AIDS.

“It’s been almost 40 years since The Center was founded in direct response to the HIV and AIDS crisis,” Testone said. “It’s also been 40 years that we have been fighting this disease. And it’s not over. But we’re not done yet either. We have fighting left to do; we have community left to build; we can support each other even more.”

“I encourage you to join us next year. This ride will change your life and this ride saves lives,” she said. “Cycle for the Cause 2024 is coming, and it’s going to be incredible. I’ll see you there.”

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