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A Yale Tale

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Tracey, RN

I feel the need to release the data is important as it helps providers evaluate what programs are working and what are not. I'm quite disappointed in the ability of the ASO in my community to connect with our community. MMC-NoVa sponsored a Health Fair Sat. that advertised for 6 months. THREE people came through all day. I wish to call out to the community, infected or not, to pull together and analyze the best means to directly help the cause to prevent & cure HIV.

December 5, 2007 Annandale, VA

Rayford Kytle

We need to demand that the federal government launch a program to reduce homophobia, which fuels the epidemic, as do sexism and racism. As long as gay people are treated as second class citizens, many gay men will be ashamed of their sexual orientation , have sex in the dark with strangers,not practice safe sex and not tell their wives or girlfriends that they also have sex with men.

December 4, 2007 Washington, DC


I have been living with AIDS for 20 years now and am an HIV/AIDS educator for 10 years. Hven spoken to thousands of students i know Abstince only programs DO NOT WORK! I also know that our current President is out of tought with reality and a complete and total idiot!

December 4, 2007 SOUTHAMPTON


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