monotherapy—The bad old days when one-drug therapy (such as AZT) was the way.

bitherapy—The getting-better (but not yet truly effective) days when two-drug therapy came into vogue (such as AZT and 3TC, or d4T and ddI).

tritherapy—The current, state-of-the-art therapy that usually includes two nucleosides (such as 3TC and d4T or AZT) with one protease inhibitor (such as Crixivan, ritonavir or nelfinavir).

HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy)—Aggressive anti-HIV treatment usually including a combination of protease and reverse-transcriptase inhibitors whose purpose is to reduce viral load to undetectable levels.

FAART (Fairly Active Antiretroviral Therapy)—What HAART turns out to be in too many people who soon develop resistance.