One sorry mixer will hardly thwart Annette’s romantic hopes. For dating tips, POZ hooked up with HIVer Sheri Kaplan, founder and exec director of Positive Connections in Miami.

“Get out, get out, get out,” Kaplan told us. You’re unlikely to meet your match among the population of your home.

The internet has Kaplan’s approval when it comes to rural scene-sters. She recommends (her own site),, and

Single HIVer support groups can make ideal hunting grounds.

Community social organizations arrange mixers, dinners and other meet-and-greets. Positive Connections’ weeklong annual cruise, for instance, usually reels in a marriage or two, according to Kaplan.

Dating neggies can increase your possibilities—and confidence.

“Disclose, when physical intimacy seems imminent,” Kaplan said. Preferably after a few dates, when you’ve gotten to know the person.

he best strategy is the simplest: “I have to tell you something about me before we take this to the next level.” Deep breath. Then: “If you want to be with me, I’ll teach you about it.”

If you’re rejected, don’t take it personally—they’re reacting to fear, not you.

Above all, Kaplan told us, “Remember you are not your disease. Be confident in who you are.”