Much has been written and calculated about the transmission risk HIVnegative folks face with positive, negative or indeterminate partners.But what if you know you’re positive and worry about infecting anegative partner? With the help of our very own sexpert, Perry N.Halkitis, PhD, POZ combed through the University of California SanFrancisco’s online vault of the latest research to chart the odds ofinfection in the absence of   protection. Although some ofthese numbers seem low, they don’t guarantee condom-free Eden. Manyfactors, including uncontrolled viral load, the presence of othersexually transmitted infections and rough sex, can increase thelikelihood of transmitting HIV. Feeling lucky?

 If you’re positive, not using condoms and you are the… Risk of your partner being infected:
 Receptive partner of gay anal sex 1 in 1,250
 Insertive partner of gay anal sex 1 in 122
 Receptive partner of straight vaginal sex
 1 in 1,000,000
 Insertive partner of straight vaginal sex 1 in 111,111
 Receiver of penile oral sex 1 in 1,250
 Performer of penile oral sex Negligible
 Receiver of vaginal oral sex Negligible
Performer of vaginal oral sex Negligible