Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just can’t get enough of…AIDS advocacy!Last November, four months after the duo wrapped the maritalblockbuster Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the golden Trojan became a specialambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 awareness campaign. InApril, he completed his second Ethiopian voyage, meeting with activistsand HIVers—and Ms. Jolie, according to a famously expensive Us Weeklyphoto of the duo on an Ethiopian beach.

Hmm. As a UN goodwillambassador since 2001, Jolie has stormed across Africa and starred atthe World AIDS Confab in Thailand. Is Pitt’s sudden PWA goodwillsomething he, er, caught from Jolie? Neither star would comment, but UsWeekly writer Kevin O’Leary told us, “Even if Jolie’s charms havepiqued his HIV interest, he’s already a pro activist—who hasn’t mixedbusiness with pleasure while away ‘raising awareness’? What happens inEthiopia, stays in Ethiopia.”  —LS