Make room on your bookshelf during spring cleaning: The 800-plus-page Encyclopedia of AIDS (Penguin) has been updated and reissued in a $20 paperback.

Lies, the latest volume (1986-1999) in musician, writer and überbohemian Ned Rorem’s celebrated diary series (Counterpoint Press), offers among the bright aperçus and shining pensées one of literature’s most moving records of a lover’s death from AIDS. Also pick up Felice Picano’s newest novel, Onyx, and Keep Singing by Patsy Clarke and Eloise Vaughn, the true tale of two moms who took on PWA-phobe Jesse Helms after their sons died (both out in May from Alyson).

Autoportrait, a collection of Robert Mapplethorpe’s early work, is also out in May (Arena Editions). And kudos to Showtime’s docudrama Dirty Pictures -- about the culture wars launched by the posthumous exhibit of his photos -- for picking up a Golden Globe for best TV movie.

Michael Cunningham’s Pulitzer-winning homage to Virgina Woolf, The Hours, is big-screening it with Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Allison Janney.

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art hosts a General Idea retro -- the three-HIVer makers of surreal pill-filled landscapes -- through April 21. Plus, new works by sole survivor AA Bronson: oversize portraits of co-creators Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal at their deaths, and a haunting picture of Bronson’s own imagined corpse.