Age: 38

Diagnosed: April 1990

New York’s Finest: Retired New York City Police Department officer; founder, Positive Police (with Sgt. Jack Lamb, who died in 1998), a support group for HIVers in blue; HIV speaker.

Gone Fishin’: Just back in town from the 14th annual fishing trip he takes with the boys to Ontario’s Rideau River to hook pike and bass. “We’re conservationists—everything we catch, we throw back.”

Family Affair: “I’m going back at the end of the month with my girlfriend, her kids and my eldest daughter, Jaime.” Tonight, though, he’s helping daughter Stephanie, 10 (pictured), with her math homework.

Cop With a Cyber Beat: Last October, Yurcik swapped lecture circuit for computer terminal and launched, built by his brother, Ray, “to educate law-enforcement people across the country, to increase compassion for officers who are infected and to let them know they’re not the only ones.”

You’ve Got (Fan) Mail! Yurcik personally replies to all the e-mail to the site. “They’re positive people wondering if they should pursue a career in law enforcement, which I totally encourage them to do.”

The Force is With Him: Yurcik’s parked his squad car—and his T-20 combo—but not an ironclad adherence to his new meds: d4T (Zerit), 3TC (Epivir) and experimental drugs ABT-378 and tenofovir. “You could set your watch by the way I take my meds.”

Station to Station: His precinct now knows no bounds. He took off in June for San Diego’s Pos Hetero Summit conference, the first-ever gathering for straight HIVers. “My whole thing is to break stereotypes. Society still has its head buried in the sand about AIDS.”