Age: 35

Tested Positive: 1992

First Outing: A few months later, the Muskogee, Oklahoman of Creek, Seminole and Cherokee descent broke the news at the annual National Congress of American Indians.

Tiger Mom: Five years ago, Tiger took in four abandoned children—Michael, Kayla, Shelleigh and J.D.—ranging in age from 3 to 8. “I met them one day and took them home the next. They were wild, barefoot and needing love.”

Neon Vows: Last Veteran’s Day, she married gallery owner Mark Tiger—né Kilcrease; he took her name—in Vegas’ Little White Chapel. “We grew up together, but we kept missing each other.” Translation: Head cheerleaders don’t date frosh.

Testing II: Tiger was diagnosed with Parkinson’s one month pre-nups. “I’d had the symptoms for five years, and they kept telling me it was related to HIV. But it’s worse than anything I’ve had with that.”

Parkinson’s Parley: “I’m on a levodopa-carbidopa combo to control the symptoms. I still haven’t taken any HIV meds except Bactrim. I guess I’m stubborn.”

Vital Stats: Viral load, 40,000; T cells, less than 200

Hear Her Roar: “Someone asked me what tigers and I have in common. I don’t think tigers take any shit, either.” Maybe that’s why Gloria Steinem and Cherokee Nation Chief Wilma Mankiller are preparing a spring benefit in New York City for this cool cat.