Diagnosis: 1991

Roles: Aide to President Ford, 1992 National Republican Convention PWA speaker, Family AIDS Network founder, artist, author, mother

Loves of Her Life: Her sons, Max, 11, and Zachary, 9

Talent: Speaking truth to power, especially when the truth hurts and the power is hostile.

Last Stopped Presses: February 1999, when the blond’s bombshell that she was going off protease due to side effects made prime-time news

Current Spotlight: Tours with Gospel Against AIDS, a group which has put the Republican scion in the pulpits and choir robes of churches around the country

Milennial Plans: Mary’s not playing. "Ten years ago, we expected a cure, somewhere, somehow, sometime--if we lived long enough. We expected Democrats to make a difference. We expected people with AIDS to stand up and be counted. Now, we don’t expect any of this. None of it turned out to be true.