Age: 38  Job: Ironman  Hours a week: 25  Triathalon record: 41 as of June 7 at 1 pm, when he completes his 57-day-long 1999 Triathalon for Life Tour at New York City’s city hall. “It’s the most difficult ride of my life. We’re biking 100 miles a day to Chicago, then we run the rest of the way. We’ll swim the Colorado River, Lake Michican, Lake Erie.”  Who’s leaving a light on: His lover, Randy, former NCAA champion gymnast and current UCLA coach: “I had heard the horror stories—people walking away when you tell them. He didn’t.”  Make the connection: “I visualize the meds as Pac-Man gobbling up the virus. So when I’m running in the heat and it’s me and Pac-Man, I think, “The virus can’t handle this, but I can.”