Liquid ddI changed my life! I used to endure the enormous, chalky, chewable tablets (four at a time) and then drink water as quickly as possible to wash it all down and avoid the noxious aftertaste. (I’m told that ddI tablets have nothing on the long-lasting metallic flavor of liquid ritonavir, but sometimes they truly nauseated me.) Then a friend who is an HIV nurse told me about liquid ddI. It’s the formulation designed for kids, but it can be prescribed for adults. Ever since my doc wrote me a prescription, I simply pour the ddI, water and Maalox combo into my handy, plastic 30-milliliter cup (doses vary) and swig it down. Voila! The only drawback? It needs to be refrigerated, but I’m happy to stomach that for a quick and easy dose.

—Beth Hasties, Boston

Liquid (pediatric) versions of ddI and some other antiretrovirals can help the medicine go down. Ask your doc.