I used to laugh at the Metamucil ads with the old folks who wanted to stay “regular.” Well, I’m laughing now because the active ingredient in Metamucil, psyllium husk, is what keeps me assured that flatulence won’t leave any nasty surprises in my panties. For that atrocious antiretroviral-induced diarrhea, the only nonchemical, 100 percent reliable management tool for normalized stool is this bulking fiber, which can also make you regular if constipation is making your life hard. Yerba Prima is the preferred brand of this retail queen (labels! labels! labels!). Its cheapest formulation is the powder, which tastes vile, so I prefer the capsules. Sure, they’re pricier, but I’m worth it, and so is my underwear. Take five in the morning and five in the evening, and drink lots of water, or you’ll go from runny mortar to solid brick with nary a stop in between.

—Dominic Hamilton-Little,
New York City