Trojan Magnum 50%
“Guys with larger penises don’t complain about them as much because they fit better and feel better; therefore they’re more apt to use them.”

Durex Avanti 10%
“Polyurethane condoms transmit heat better, which makes sex more sensitive—almost as if you aren’t wearing one—but their higher price dissuades us from using them.”

Trojan-enz 7.2%
“It has the right size and amount of lube. It doesn’t make me feel like I’m being squeezed into sausage casing.”

LifeStyles Tuxedo  4.3%
“Something about the black latex makes me feel more aroused, turned on and passionate about getting down. It makes me think of leather—it’s kinky.”

Reality Female Condom 3.8%
“It’s stronger, safer and can use any type of lube, and it feels better for the insertive partner. It’s great for guys who refuse to use condoms because they’re too tight.”

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive 3.3%
“It’s very thin yet feels strong enough for anal sex. You can still feel the pleasure and sensations. I don’t like condoms. But this is the one I prefer when I decide to wear one with neggies. I don’t usually wear one during oral sex or if my partner is positive, too.”