You’re one of the lucky ones—the local ASO has a spiffy new computer with lightning-fast access to the Net. Here’s how to harness the wildly varied info of the web for other HIVers:

National Minority AIDS Council
The group’s national job bank is a great resource for back-to-work HIVers and ASOs looking to hire from within the community. There are also virtual conferences (using RealAudio, available free through the site) and customizable fact sheets you can print out and distribute.

Critical Path AIDS Project
The granddaddy of them all: technical support, virtual domains (provides web and e-mail support with your unique dot-org or dot-com address for a minimal fee) and, for Philly-area HIVers and ASOs, free dial-up access.

If CritPath is the founding father, AEGIS’ Sister Mary Elizabeth is the patron saint. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: a veritable reliquary of info and articles about HIV, updated hourly (and sponsored in part by Roxane Laboratories). Also an excellent source of resources for the newly diagnosed.

Positive Words
Whether you’re an ED or a volunteer, you can create a newsletter with recent, reliable treatment info (in English and Spanish) in just a few hours. Print using Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free on the site. There’s not much space for agency-specific info in this Agouron-sponsored application, so consider adding an extra page before mailing.