Finally there’s a good reason to wait in line at the DMV. California’s auto agency is joining forces with state universities to produce red ribbon-adorned license plates, proceeds from which will benefit AIDS research. But there’s one potential roadblock. Legislation sponsored by state senator John Burton to create the plates will be stalled unless 5,000 drivers commit, as required by the DMV for any project of its kind to be green-lighted. Big-name supporters from actress Jamie Lee Curtis -- who taped TV and radio spots in English and Spanish backing the measure -- to Dusty Baker, general manager of the San Francisco Giants, have been calling on the Golden State’s motorists to lay down $50 for the vanity plates. Of that amount, $37 goes to University of California research facilities and other local research nonprofits; the full $40 renewal fee will be donated each year after. “The license plate costs less than a dollar a week,” San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said at the unveiling. “It is a small investment for a lifetime of support.” For more info or to apply for a plate before the December 31 deadline, call 877.8.4.A.CURE or cruise over to