Teen girls in Worcester, Massachusetts, reported that gangs were pressuring them to have sex with HIV positive members as an initiation rite. No girls are known to have complied.

An eight-year study found that the main drug-related risk factor exposing South American gay men to HIV is risky sex on cocaine—not IV drugs or crystal meth, drugs of choice in regions without coca farming.

Russian AIDS experts warn that the nation’s positive population could quadruple from 1.5 million to 7 million within five years.

A health clinic in Saudi Arabia refused to treat a dying PWA and allegedly dumped him in the street, prompting global protests of the region’s rampant HIV stigma.

In thatched warrior barracks, Swazi men’s groups are now teaching young men about traditional societal taboos against misogyny—and warning them against polygamy, which spreads HIV.

Sex workers and health officials blew up condoms into balloons and showed off their HIV-prevention knowledge at Thailand’s “Miss Condom Asia-Pacific” contest, which promoted the use of rubbers in the Thai sex trade.