At the June G8 economic summit in Georgia, world leaders touted plans for a global consortium to speed AIDS-vaccine development. Treatment and debt relief, however, remain unresolved.

Women’s-rights advocates in Honduras are demanding that preventionistas emphasize male fidelity: 80 percent of Honduran women with HIV were infected by unfaithful husbands.

In June, a Swedish “condom ambulance” run by the nongovernmental Organization for Sex Education began rushing inexpensive jimmy hats to city dwellers who dial 696969.

Zanzibar encouraged secretive, risky bedroom and backroom behavior by passing legislation in April that makes gay sex punishable by up to five years in prison.

Afghanistan logged its first official AIDS deaths in May—the virus had long been unreported under Taliban rule.

Mongolia added HIV-prevention education to military training, fighting to raise awareness among young recruits especially.