Has activist Kevin Nuttall gone too far? Michael Faulkner, president of the Western North Carolina AIDS Project, thinks so: He put the pesky protester behind bars. “For years, [Nuttall] has harassed [Faulkner],” read the May 25 arrest warrant charging Faulkner’s former client with stalking. Since 1995, Nuttall has accused the ASO of shifty fundraising and shoddy services. His repeated assertions attracted inquiries from the CDC and Attorney General’s Office. “My actions have been legal,” he told POZ. “And how could I scare Faulkner? The biggest threat I pose is a paper cut.”

“Nuttall’s incessant anger has demoralized the agency,” Faulkner told a local paper. “If he could channel that energy into healing himself, he’d be cured.”