What do you want this year for the holidays?

Larry Kramer, activist, author: I pretty much have everything. It’s been an extraordinarily good year.
Mary Lucey, LA’s AIDS Policy Analyst: Peace.
Joey DiPaolo, Peer Educator: A girl with a head on her shoulders.
Michelle Lopez, Treatment Advocate: A new apartment. I’ve just taken in my niece and two nephews. Now there’s seven of us!
Paul Lekakis, actor, singer: More good people in my life.

Who will get gifts from you?

Kramer: My lover -- and none of your business.
Lucey: My lifetime partner, Nancy MacNeil, my daughters, Melissa and Holly, and my dogs, Felony and Pizmo.
DiPaolo: My family and friends.
Lopez: These seven kids -- they’ve had a bit of a rough year. And two little kids I know who are living with the virus.

What was your best present ever?

Kramer: A new liver. Got it last Christmas.
Lucey: My partner, Nancy. She’s brought me more pleasure in life than I could ever imagine.
DiPaolo: The Godfather Trilogy.
Lopez: A palm pilot from my partner!
Lekakis: Alcoholics Anonymous

Weirdest ever?

Kramer: I’ve led a very quiet life.
Lucey: A really femme-y purse.
DiPaolo: When I was 13, I received a golf set for ages 4 to 8 from an older lady who was friends with my grandmother.
Lopez: A chocolate vagina!

Where do you spend the holidays?

Lucey: Nancy and I usually spend our holidays in Oceano, next to Pizmo beach in California.
DiPaolo: With my family at the house in Staten Island.
Lopez: At home, here in the Bronx, with my kids and family. Just being in a nice warm house would be very good for us this year.
Lekakis: Nine out of 10 times, New York City.

Where do you wish you were spending the holidays?

Kramer: Right here is fine by me.
Lopez: In Trinidad with my parents. But as an immigrant with HIV, if I go to Trinidad, I won’t be able to re-enter the U.S. So during X-mas time, I am a bit sad.
Lekakis: New York City!