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Bones: An Owner's Guide

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I am 47 and nursing a recently fractured hip, from a simple bicycle incident when I caught myself from falling. I was diagnosed three years ago and have only taken corticosteroids a few times in my life. I have always worked out and eaten healthy, very fit and not overweight but was recently diagnosed with AVN from an MRI which showed the fracture. I am curious if anyone has ever heard about or considered, light or ultrasound therapy as an alternative to increasing bone density. Thanks

June 18, 2013 midwest


I didn't show any outward signs of bone disease; however, in a clinical trial a "Dexa" scan was included. Much to my surprise, this showed not only lower back bone density, which explained my lower back pain, BUT scoliosis in my upper spine. I am a male, long-term survivor ON meds for 18 years. So, partner with your doctor and get tested if you can.

June 15, 2008 Cleveland

michael davis

Reading this article from my hospital bed after bilateral hip replacement surgery, it saddens me that almost every illness I've had since becoming infected in 1981 is related to medication. Avascular necrosis can be caused by prednisone which I had to take for Crohn's Disease. Calcium with Vitamin D supplements didn't help, nor did weight lifting. I'd been suffering from hip pain for about 8 years since first reading about "bone death". So much more must be done by the medical community.

June 5, 2008 bucks county, pa


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