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Selenium Supplements: Hope, Hype or Harmful?

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I have been taking Selenium for the last 3 years with no side effects whatsoever. My CD4 count and VL have been stable throughout this period, Ive been POZ for 6 years now and im not on meds. My doctor recommeds i continue taking the selenium its funny that ive done alot of research on the long run effects of selenium and have found minimal information on this and all of a sudden there is a negative tail spin to it!!! I wonder when this will ever stop??

September 24, 2007 Johannesburg


I have been positive for eight years and have never taken any suppliment. I've been on the same meds the entire time and my viral load has been undectable four months after I started HAART. My average CD4 count (over eight years) is 762. I eat very well and have no digestive problems. Therefore, I have no need to spend the extra money on something that probably won't do much good for me.

September 13, 2007 Akron

John Krch

thanks for the info. i am starting selenium in a few weeks.

September 13, 2007 ny

moira dines

the selenium used on tbese trials was it an organic selenium .. i even sought medical advice from a dietician / nutrisonist at my own local hospital before commencing a course.. her advice was it was the best choice to cover so many things including the hiv inside me. interesting the article did not cover the differance between the organic and non organic selenium for its readers ...

September 13, 2007 london uk


I take 100 micrograms with Vit. E. That is a safe dose.

September 12, 2007 Boston


I was diagnosed in July 2005 with very low CD4 counts. After I started HAART, my CD4 counts went up fairly rapidly. But after my CD4 counts dropped from 300 to 260 to 230 and seeing the promising study about the effectiveness of selenium, I started taking the supplement. At my next checkup 3 months later, my CD4 count had jumped to 460. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but I am continuing taking selenium and hope to see continued improvement.

September 12, 2007 Athens, GA

W Floyd Hutton

It seeems that sooner or later every supplement we take gets a negative spin. It's is really hard knowing who or what to believe any more---

September 12, 2007 Toronto

gary pollock

i started selenium when the reports first came out, several months ago. yes, i am seeing some positive side effectssuch as increased energy level, mental clarity and less digestion problems. Am already borderline diabetic so I pay attention to that very close so probably won't become an issue. I do know that I have had no adverse reactions so far.

September 12, 2007 victorville,Calif


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