The post-9/11 economic downturn, a sluggish Silicon Valley and a wobbly first-year-sans-Pallotta AIDS Ride have left the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) $2.5 million short, forcing it to lay off 28 from a staff of 117 last summer. The nation’s richest ASO said that it has prioritized its “core services,” and that no clients will lose housing. Remaining senior staff took a 10 percent pay cut, with ED Pat Christen shaving 12 percent off her much-maligned $185,000. (In a stinging release, ACT UP/SF’s David Pasquarelli crowed that SFAF lost a sock because of a to-do -- his own -- over its “lack of services and overly abusive management.”) Jibes aside, SFAF’s loss came partly from the rocky split from Pallotta TeamWorks. While SFAF touted the triumph of its first indie ride this year, the event grossed only $4.4 million, compared to Pallotta’s $11 million last year (both kitties were shared with AIDS Project Los Angeles).