Violeta Ross, La Paz, Bolivia, 26, activist

My resolution is to get a husband this year. I want to have a baby but don’t want to do it alone, and I’m afraid I need a father because I need someone to take care of my baby if I get sick, considering that there are practically no HIV meds in Bolivia.

Maryann Sinnott, New Jersey, 46, webmaster
My resolution is to reduce my home heating bill by investing in a good down comforter or getting a warm man down under the comforter. I haven’t succeeded in the past because most comforters are too expensive and the men—too cheap!

Gregory Wilt, Ohio, 38, on disability
I resolve to go back to work full time. I’ve been on disability since 1992, when I had zero T cells and CMV. Now I’m happy and healthy with 326 T cells and an undetectable viral load. I also plan on keeping a diary so I can stick to my resolutions for once.

Cathy Robinson-Pickett, Florida, 38, educator
This year’s resolution is to lose the ham hocks. As I see it, I have two choices: stop eating or start working out. My 40th birthday is almost here and I refuse to be twice the weight I was on my 20th!