Kierna Mayo
Editor in Chief, Honey

“Our magazine is a progressive one born out of many late-night homegirl chats with the usual banter about fashion and the famous. Without a doubt, there is the requisite hair drama. Politics play a part. And when it gets good, there are men, oh men. Sex, oh sex! And AIDS.

“We are excited about approaching HIV with vigor and creativity. In 1994, I lost one of my best friends in the world to AIDS. She was only 23. Honey counts HIV coverage among our greatest responsibilities.”

In an upcoming issue, Honey will invite readers to send pictures of loved ones who died of AIDS as young women. The photos will be displayed in a feature package focusing on generational and gender-related AIDS issues.

Michaelyn Elder
Managing Editor,
The Amsterdam News

“We decided a few months ago that as the black voice of New York City we needed to step up our efforts in spreading AIDS information. I consider it my job now to have a story on an AIDS program every single week.”

Editor in Chief Elinor Tatum confirmed that the newspaper had been negligent on HIV but would continue making up for it. Look for more in-depth pieces on local ASOs.