I Get Misty

Low platelet counts from liver disease give my husband, Vinny, nasty nosebleeds. And like many other HIVers, we both suffer from dry, scaly skin -- especially in winter’s dry-heated apartments. But neither cold- nor warm-mist humidifiers play well with HIV. The first fills the air with tap-water microbes, which can wreak havoc on shaky immune systems. The second boils the water first, removing most microbes, but its humid interior breeds airborne mold that aggravates allergies and endangers us with unfun fungus. Solution? Fill either with purified water, and clean its parts frequently to ward off Mr. Mold. We like The Bionaire® Digital Warm Moisture Humidifier (at right [image not available]). Look for it in stores, or order it for $89.99 at www.bedbathandbeyond.com.

-- Mark de Solla Price, New York City