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I see nothing wrong with the actions "he" took, 20/20 is hindsight. I just wonder how people think about a gay guy married a straight woman. I know, that she would not appreciate the relationship. I am a gay man (new commer) who was once married to a woman, and now partnered with the same might get along. I am poz, he is neg, due to my abuse of alcohol/drugs. I wish this were a blog. I am sweating writing this statement. I can only hope that others will understand.

May 28, 2008 Dallas


Lovely article. Bravo Jack and Bravo POZ.

May 4, 2008


Jack you are very inspiring. I found out about myself when I was in my senior year in college. That almost kept me from graduating. I pulled through it though. In any case, take care Jack and I wish you the best in everything you do.

May 4, 2008 Dallas

Bob Reynolds

Mr. Mackenroth story is fantastic. I wish him continued success. Unfortunately, as he story does put HIV into the real media, it is also a fairy tale in comparison to the realitiy of living with HIV for the average joe who is also positive, gay or straight. But then who wants to read about people just living their lives like everybody else, worrying about how to pay bills, the insurance, etc.

April 18, 2008 Tampa


Jack may look like a supermodel,but I still think there is nothing wrong with giving him face time.I have been poz for 10 yrs and am physically fit and attractive.Most people tell me I don't "look" like someone with AIDS.I don't think there is anything wrong with showing that those with HIV/AIDS aren't the stereotypical scrawny, shriveled sickly person many still picture.The faces of HIV is are diverse in appearance and all should be shown.

April 14, 2008

Phil S

I admire Jack for 'pulling up his bootstraps and moving on' and I applaud him for trying to make a difference. I really do hate the concept of being a posterboy for anything. When are we going to see the real faces of people that are dealing with HIV? Oh, that's right... sunken cheeks and bird legs don't sell products.

April 8, 2008 Seattle


Jack, Thank you for the courage and conviction you have shown throughout the show and I wish you the best in whatever you decide to conquer. It is always nice to hear of someone else with the strong enough sense of self to realize that this is not who we are but merely a part of what makes us amazing people.

April 4, 2008 Marietta, GA


Wow. I am really shocked and disapointed in the magazine that you would put out such fluff. I just don't get the point or it's relevance.

April 4, 2008 New York


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