May Sweeps
The entire May 2007 issue of POZ was amazing! The inclusion of people from all walks of life [with] different struggles living with HIV/AIDS was awesome; most important your cover guy, Larry Bryant. The articles were well-written and the people profiled were [inspiring with their] dignity and pride. Hats off to POZ. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

Joyce Turner Keller
Baton Rouge, LA

Borderline Diagnosis
Kudos for Sally Chew’s feature “Lost in America” (May 2007). It is good to see that your magazine is concerned about immigrants such as myself and our current situation, which leaves us behind or places us in limbo while we face even more barriers. A majority of us are capable of being productive, and we can contribute to this country’s economy. Hopefully, Ms. Chew’s article will raise awareness that HIV-positive immigrants are capable of giving too.

Antonio Martinez
Address witHheld

Buzz Kill
I thought Derek Thaczuk’s “Medijuana” (May 2007) was a good article. However, I wonder if we are taking the right approach. I believe that efforts should concentrate on pushing thoughtfully framed legislation through to show the benefits of marijuana for those with HIV, cancer and a multitude of other ailments.

Ames Morrow
San Diego

Killer Serial
Thank you for Kellee Terrell’s “All Our Children” (May 2007), about the possible HIV pregnancy storyline on ABC’s General Hospital. It did a fantastic job of outlining the numerous advances to support pregnancies among HIV-positive partners and highlighting a character, Dr. Robin Scorpio, [who is] a role model for women living with HIV. The character and her partner Dr. Patrick Drake will cross over to a prime-time medical serial drama, General Hospital: Night Shift (SOAPnet), in July. This show will continue to enlighten the public and bring more attention to this unique portrayal.

Amy Beard
SCRUBS General Hospital Fansite
Los Angeles

Correction: Regarding Sally Chew’s “Lost in America”: the AIDS service organization Mexicanos Unidos assists people living with HIV/AIDS in all five boroughs of New York City.