Nearly half of HIVers in a University of Cincinnati study said their lives had improved since testing positive because they had become more spiritual or changed self-destructive behaviors.

South Africa’s first locally produced generic HIV meds are in the final stage government approval. Aspen Pharmacare tags the triple-combo at a modest $1.30 a day, with 30 percent of net sales going to local AIDS programs, thanks to licensor GlaxoSmithKline.

For black and Latino youth, Montefiore’s Adolescent AIDS programs launched www.adolescentAIDS.org, offering testing and prevention info plus The Deal, a zine with teen frankness and flavor.

In South Florida, the region showing the steepest hike in HIV rates among 18-to-29 -year-olds nationally, Broward County will no longer provide positive inmates with a 30-day supply of meds when they’re released.

El Salvador’s far-right Arena Party passed a law permitting bosses to test prospective employees for HIV. The 30, 000 Salvadoran HIVers are prohibited from working with “sharp” objects.

A lawsuit alleges staff at Baltimore’s Shock Trauma Center violated national accreditation standards, preventing Bill Flanagan from saying goodbye to his dying partner of five years because he did not qualify as “family”-despite his health care power of attorney.