A new Peace Corpse initiative will train 2, 600 volunteers to be deployed for full-time HIV prevention work in Africa by the year’s end. Volunteers will teach community members nutrition skills and how to educate their own peers.

The California Supreme Court has barred insurers from denying PWAs who knew they were positive when they applied for insurance. The decision overturned the lower rulings that required HIVers to have had more than five years of uninterrupted policy coverage in order to keep benefits.

Kindergartners in Thailand may not wear miniskirts, but, as of 2002, will receive sex ed, reported the Bangkok Post. The state-developed lessons will be “effective among the impressionable,” said the paper, and will help embarrassed teachers use scientific language.

The National Bishop’s Conference of Brazil last June restricted its opposition to Catholic’s condom use, drawing criticism from the country’s health department. A recent study showed that only one in four Brazilians rubbers up for sex.

Thousands of women in Californian State prisons may have been given falsified or incorrect results of HIV tests, biopsies, Pap smears, and other blood work processed by B.C.L. Clinical Labs. The lad was closed in 1997, but The San Francisco Chronicle reported in July  that the women had yet to be notified or retested.

Swaziland banned miniskirts for schoolgirls older than 10 in an attempt to curb sexual relationships between teachers and students. And, in July, lawmakers introduced a bill mandating sterilization of HIVers, even though the procedure doesn’t remove HIV from the blood.