New York Native publisher Charles Ortleb is surely the most dogged HIV dissident of our time. Since 1981, Ortleb has astonished, outraged, baffled and enthralled us with all the AIDS news unfit to print by the rest of the media. Say what you will, no newspaper has done more than The Native to air alternative ideas about the epidemic.

Now Ortleb has launched his voice into cyberspace. Refuse and Resist, his multimedia documusical-in-progress, is a grab bag of cartoons, songs and documents challenging the smug complacency of the medical-industrial complex-a veritable embarassment of conspiracy-theory riches. “This could be an endlessly morphing musical,” Ortleb said. He aims to put as many as 750 songs on the site to confirm its epic status. Native familiars expect no less. Enter the theme park dedicated to “victims of scientific fraud” at