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Criminal Injustice

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D. Allen

COME ON PEOPLE!!! No HIV is not a Crime! But failing to disclose that YOU have HIV is!!! Accountability and Responsibility is the first step to eradicating and eliminating any stigma associated with this disease. Accept the fact that responsibility is a definite must! There are so many people whose lives change every second of the day because someone felt as though they could not be responsible or accountable for their disease! Again "WE" our not our disease! but have a DUTY TO WARN! Be Fair!

July 21, 2015 Chicago

California poz

. While I have not faced criminalization prosecuction I can identifying with the feelings of how bad the laws make us feel about ourselves. Thanks to you and your powerful messages of injustice and empowerment along with the current information regarding Transmission of HIV I feel there is hope for positive change. Isn't it ironic that the label they put on you of being bad and evil is turning into the beacon which shines your internal beauty, depth of character and inspiring your higher purpose

April 15, 2014 Los Angeles


WOW!! What awesome 3 individuals they are. I had always been aware that there are HIV criminalization laws on the books of most states but I had no idea of the magnitude or severity that went with them, especially when a condom is used and no transmission has occurred. I applaud and thank these 3 individuals not only for their strength, courage and advocacy but for standing up to the world against the rampant stigma against HIV+ people today. Also wanted to add how great all 3 look!!

October 10, 2013


I find some of these comments very disturbing, especially from Renee, who feels justified in bringing charges against the man whom she claimed gave her HIV. Cognitive disconnect, much!? Even if some evil bastard went around intentionally targeting people to infect, IT TAKES TWO. Use a condom or keep your legs together, but don't feign surprise when you don't and your results come back "+."

September 4, 2012 New York

Evelyn Vazquez

I am so sadden to read this has happened to all of you, I lost my brother in 1999 to complications of AIDS and I had witnessed a lot of discrimination against him, I work today as am Risk Reduction Couselor in Massachusetts and I embrace each of my positive clients, for they do not need any judgement passed on to them since we are not God and all it takes is some empathy and genuine care to help someone who is positive and already dealing with his or hers stresses! I support you 100%

July 5, 2012 Lawrence


To Tommy of Grand Rapids, MI... If you'd like to help, please contact The Center for HIV Law & Policy at info*at* to learn about joining the Positive Justice Project. Thank you!

June 21, 2012 Waverly, IA


HIV criminalization laws do not exist to protect the public. This is what they want to public to believe. People in the medical community no that the majority of the population doesnâ??t want to talk about HIV prevent and condoms. So they use this method to discourage gays and people living with HIV in to shame and fear. This same fear is why people are to this day being infected more than ever. Until people wake up and talk about the real issue more innocent people will get charged with this type of crime of revenge when they want to get even with someone or to just destroy their life.

June 12, 2012 Grand rapids, MI


I would love to help in anyway that I can to change the laws for criminalization in my state and other states

June 12, 2012 Grand rapids


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