POZ: On January 18, after a year of speculation, General Hospital’s HIV-positive Dr. Robin Scorpio confirmed she’s pregnant; she’ll be the first leading positive TV character to give birth. Angelina who? Robin’s baby bump is our obsession.  NEG: Nip/Tuck’s psychotic, HIV-positive sex addict, Gina, dies in January after falling off a roof while doing the deed. Note to the FX network:  SEX=DEATH might not be the best message to broadcast to viewers living with HIV. 
POZ: Queen Latifah wins the Golden Globe January 13 and then a SAG award two weeks later for best actress in a made-for-TV movie or miniseries playing black AIDS activist Ana Wallace in HBO’s Life Support. You go (and go and go), girl. NEG: Promoting her preposterous HIV “down low” whodunit, Cover, singer Patti LaBelle hit CNN on February 23, ranting that closeted gay black men are spreading the virus to black women. Not this again—the down low is so 2003.